Soluscope propone una Solución Completa para el Reprocesamiento de Endoscopios Flexibles, ofreciendo productos para cada una de las etapas del ciclo de reprocesamiento. Cada proceso y producto de Soluscope está certificado, es eficaz y es fácil de usar con el fin de reducir su carga de trabajo diaria.



Secado y almacenaje

Maintenance of the High Level Disinfection up to 7 days
Horizontal storage
Specific air flow system
Optimal protection of your endoscopes


    The DSC8000 is a drying and storage cabinet which protects and maintains the microbiological quality of your endoscopes for 72h.

    Guaranteed efficiency

    – According to a study conducted by Professor Laugier chief of the endoscopy department at CHU La Timone Marseille-France, the DSC8000 guarantees the disinfection level and the microbiological quality for 72h.
    The endoscope storage time is individually checked.

    – The individual storage allows
    • Less handling
    • Optimal protection

    – Simultaneously, air flows through each channel and outside the endoscope.

    – Connectors remained with the endoscope during the whole process: from the AER to the tray.
    • For more simplicity
    • In order to have the same microbiological status as the endoscope.

    An optimal protection of your endoscope
    – Each endoscope is stored in a dedicated tray with a lid
    • Less endoscope handling, limiting potential contaminations
    • Maximum protection against all physical and environmental damage


    Principal Features

    – A complete traceability (endoscopes, operator…) with a touch screen and a tracking data system allowing to facilitate the access of the information.
    A ticket is printed for each operation.

    – The DSC8000 is designed to be connected to the IT Soluscope platform and thus
    providing optimal efficiency

    This cabinet is also available in “pass through” with double door.



    Capacity8 endoscopes in individually tray with lid.
    Can store up to 60 endoscopes.
    Dimensions (WxDxH)90 x 64 x 205 cm
    Weight170 kg
    External air treatmentHigh level of air filtration thanks to HEPA filter
    UVC lamps have an effect on biocides and germicides
    Internal air treatmentHigh lever of air filtration thanks to HEPA filter or Medical Air
    TraceabilityBar-code reader
    Local Data Storage
    Real-Time Data Tracking
    OptionsPass through or Simple door
    Compressor or Medical Air
    ComplianceNF S98-030
    Soluscope DSC8000 is engineered to facilitate servicing offering easy maintenance access to all the spare parts.



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