Soluscope propone una Solución Completa para el Reprocesamiento de Endoscopios Flexibles, ofreciendo productos para cada una de las etapas del ciclo de reprocesamiento. Cada proceso y producto de Soluscope está certificado, es eficaz y es fácil de usar con el fin de reducir su carga de trabajo diaria.



Secado y almacenaje

Maintenance of the High Level Disinfection up to 7 days
Vertical storage
Laminar air flow system (patented)
Flexible and Modulare (10 to 20 endoscopes)

    A high-level security for your endoscopes

    • Innovative air flow system
      – The patented system of laminar air flow filtered with 3 HEPA filters protects your endoscopes from any contamination.
      – The overpressure constantly maintained in the cabinet prevents any entry of bacteria.
      – The high rate of air renewal eliminates all traces of humidity and accelerates endoscope drying.
    • Service workflow optimization
      – Your endoscopes are ready-to-use at any time. The automatic carousel provides direct access to the endoscopes. It reduces handling manipulations and eliminates identification faults.
      – Each endoscope is plugged to the cabinet with a dedicated connector that can be easily reprocessed in Soluscope AERs to increase your productivity in total safety.

     Design for evolving needs

    • Flexible and Modular
      – The AS300 allows vertical storage for 10 endoscopes validated from 72 hours up to 7 days. An optional compartment can be simply integrated to extend the AS300 capacity to 20 endoscopes. For enhanced safety of your endoscopes, accessories are available to prevent endoscope tangling and to hold ultrasound connectors.
      – Individual compartments for endoscope valves are provided to secure their storage.
    • A complete traceability
      – The embedded traceability system includes barcode or RFID reader and printer.
      – Traceability tickets are printed out and securely stored on the AS300 memory card.
      – The Ethernet port enables connection to the healthcare facility network and is compliant with the IT Soluscope data management system (optional).

    A solid and effortless device

    • Designed for medical use
      – The AS300 offers a user friendly touch screen interface with a colour code as a decision-making aid.
      – A spherical shape with smooth surfaces and a wide door opening facilitate cleaning.
    • A robust machine
      – The AS300 is a cast solid stainless steel cabinet and offers a high level of finishing.
      – The quality of cabinet components guarantees a minimal maintenance facilitated by an easy and secure access to technical compartments.


    Technical specifications  
    Validated storage time72 hours up to 7 days
    Air supplyCompressor or connection to medical air
    Air treatment exterior endoscope surface3 _x001F_lters including a HEPA filter H14
    Drying by free resistance
    Air treatment in the channelsHEPA Filter (compressor version) or
    medical air
    TraceabilityBarcode reader - Printer - Removable memory
    card - RFID Reader (option) - IT Soluscope
    (option) *
    Connector treatmentSoluscope AER disinfection
    or sterilisation (autoclave)
    VersionSingle compartmentDouble compartment
    Capacity10 endoscopes20 endoscopes
    Dimensions (W x D x H)107 x 70 x 235 cm184 x 70 x 235 cm
    Weight300 kg450 kg

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